After using our ''Rasta Gyal' Stimulating Hair Growth Serum" within no time you will have luscious locs down to your waist. Extra dark Jamaican black castor oil provides nutritious fatty acids and vitamin E to your hair follicles while our Thyme oil (a traditional Jamaican spice) stimulates hair growth by protecting hair follicles from damage. Thyme is known for its regenerative properties and can be used to treat alopecia (balding) by exciting dying hair cells. Hemp oil, derived from the cannabis plants supports hair growth by providing your scalp with essential Omega-3's, Omega-6's, and Omega-9's. Our hair is 90% keratin, which is a protein that needs these Omegas for optimal growth. Unlike other oil serums, our oil is produced at the appropiate temperatures to ensure essential enzymes are not denatured. Furthermore, our dark container prevents sunlight rays from interfering with the integrity of the oils. Product comes in 2 oz glass bottle with dropper.

"Rasta Gyal" Hemp Infused Stimulating Hair Growth Serum

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  • Ingridients: Extra dark Jamaican black castor oil, thyme oil, hemp oil, essential oils 

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