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Embracing  'Irie'


In Jamaican Patois,  Irie is more than a word. Irie is state of  deep happiness and tranquility. Irie stems from a dialect, Patois, that is beget from the deep wounds of slavery and colonization. In humanity's  darkest hours, Jamaican people resisted with not only violence, but with joy--something that no one could take away. To me, Irie encapsulates our strength as a people. Despite everything, we rise. "E'very ting Irie" is a common phrase in Jamaica meaning that despite everything, all will be okay and we choose happiness. I think everyone could use a little bit more Irie in their lives, so get some with Irie Organix.

About the Founder
Angelika Nattiel Morris is a Black Jamaican American currently living in Princeton, NJ where she is attaining her Bachelor's Degree in Medical Anthropology with a minor in Global Health & Health Policy at Princeton University. She is passionate about helping people live healthier lives holistically and organically. Plans to pursue a medical degree in the future to positively impact the health of others. She has witnessed the benefits of natural living in her own life by becoming vegan, making her own beauty products, and having sisterlocks (a form of dreadlocks) for 11 years. Amazed by what happens when we turn away from chemicals, she created Irie Organix to help other people capture the magic of nature. 
Ingredient Commitment


Inspired by the beauty and richness of Jamaican herbs and plants, we are proud to bring to you Irie Organix an organic beauty care line that captures nature's magic in a bottle. We use only the finest USDA approved organic products. 

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